Protect Your Operations with Eaton Guardian Sleeve

TIPCO supplies the equipment you need to safely operate your hydraulic hoses and lines, which are subject to tremendous stress and wear during their use in high pressure, high temperature, or high pulsation applications. TIPCO is an authorized retailer of the Eaton Guardian Sleeve, an advanced piece of equipment available for hydraulic hose protection. Eaton engineered its Guardian Sleeve to mitigate against the tough conditions your equipment encounters daily, and designed this revolutionary product to protect your employees, safeguard the environment, and keep your operation running.

The Eaton Guardian Sleeve’s ultra-tight weave disperses pressure and fluids that may escape during a hose burst or pinhole leak, and minimizes the damage caused by extreme heat and water abrasion. Its innovative design extends the lifespan of your equipment and protects your employees from the damage caused by spills, slippage, or hose movement that may result from hydraulic hose failure. The sleeve is available for -4 through -24 hose sizes, making it versatile enough for a wide variety of applications.

Courtesy of TIPCO Technologies Inc. & Eaton

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