Profit’s New Angle-Pad Rigid Coupling

Profit Europe has recently expanded their range of couplings and is proud to present their new and improved Profit angle-pad rigid coupling (GKA) for automatic fire protection systems. This angle-pad coupling is an ideal solution for connecting pipes, fittings, hoses, valves and other pressure piping components.

What’s new in the range of couplings? Improved rigidity as compared to GKS-coupling, also in pressureless conditions; lower axial expansion when the piping is pressurized, resulting in less stress on anchor, points and hangers; easier mounting as only one bolt needs to be removed before installation; and, full rigidity in lateral, angular and torsional directions can be achieved with the angled closing of the bolt-pads, even with deviating pipe sizes or on groove dimensions out of tolerance.

Courtesy of Profit Europe.

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