Pop-Lock Hose Catch Prevents “Whips” Of Defective Hoses

Whether in an excavator, tractor, or production machine, if a hose detaches from its connection during operation, this can be dangerous for personnel, customers and passers-by. The loose hose acts like a whip. Pop-Lock from UNIFLEX effectively and reliably prevents a defective hydraulic hose line from becoming an injury risk and the spread of the hot oil is also prevented.

Hydraulic hose assemblies, whether on machinery or equipment, must be designed so that there is no danger from loose hoses acting like whips in the event of failure. With Pop-Lock, UNIFLEX offers a safety device that meets the requirements of various standards and regulations. The Pop-Lock workshop “Hose retention system” is a safety system that offers a complete selection up to DN 50 (2″) in three sizes for all common nominal sizes: Pop-Lock DN 05-12, DN 16-25 and DN 32-50. The workshop includes everything from wire rope cutters to safety gloves.

Courtesy of Uniflex.

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