Plastiflex Launches MaxFlo MC Car Wash Vacuum Hose

Plastiflex has announced that effective immediately, their long-standing Magnum Car Wash Vacuum Hose will be replaced with the next generation MaxFlo MC Car Wash Vacuum Hose. The MaxFlo hose is built upon the long term success of the Magnum Car Wash hose by adding next generation performance features, which includes the following characteristics: enhanced air flow via a new inner bore design; air turbulence minimization technology; and, proprietary resin blend modifications for enhanced durability.

The MaxFlo hose will effectively maintain the same dimensional profile as the previous Magnum Car Wash hose. This means that fit up to accessories and equipment will remain the same. In addition to these benefits, there will be no price increase to get the value-added features of the MaxFlo hose.

Courtesy of Plastiflex.

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