Plascompo Introduces Flame-Retardant Hose Protection

Plascompo Ltd has recently introduced a flame-retardant hose protection product. Responding to demands from customers for a protective hose and cable wrap, Plascompo has developed a new range of Pig’s Tail spiral protection.

This product range is now available and has been tested and certified. The performance characteristics are very similar to those of the company’s heavy-duty Pig’s Tail spiral wrap products, which have become widely used in the UK over recent years.

Pig’s Tail RAIL Protective Wrapping is a non-halogenic thermoplastic compound on a polypropylene base specifically developed for the underground rail industry, meeting class (V0) flame retardancy requirements and certified according to EN 45545-2. In addition to being flame retardant, it fulfils the fire protection requirements R22 and R23 for the hazard level HL-2.

Pig’s Tail Rail also meets the ISO 4589-2 and ISO 5659-2 standards. Additionally, this product is claimed to have an extremely good balance of mechanical properties.

The Pig’s Tail Rail is currently stocked in nominal sizes 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 & 50mm. 16 to 40mm.

Image credit: Plascompo Ltd

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