PIRTEK USA Releases Product Line of Industrial Hoses

PIRTEK USA, a global on-site and retail hydraulic and industrial hose service provider, has launched a new product line of industrial hose to enhance available products and services to clients in mining, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. The new industrial hose will expand PIRTEK USA’s range of product offerings and will create the ability to service additional types of machinery and equipment through all of its franchise locations nationwide.

The new industrial hose line works at a lower pressure than a hydraulic hose. Compared to hydraulic hoses which primarily carry hydraulic fluid, industrial hoses transfer a wide range of materials including abrasive materials and chemicals.

“We are proud to be adding the Industrial Hose product line for our PIRTEK customer base,” says Kim Gubera, CEO and President of PIRTEK USA. “By including the Industrial Hose product, PIRTEK USA will be able to be a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ hose needs.”

Included in the new Industrial Hose line, PIRTEK USA is offering 10 different types of hoses. These consist of: Push-Lock Hose; Superior Multi-Purpose Hose; Compressed Air Hose; Hot Air Blower Hose; Fuel Tank Hose; Oil/Fuel Suction Hose; Hot Tar Hose; Blue or Green Suction & Discharge Hose; Sand Blast Hose; and Dry Material Discharge Powder Hose. The industrial hoses are divided in categories of General Purpose, Air, Petroleum-Based and Aggregate.

PIRTEK prides itself on being able to fill customers’ needs quickly and efficiently, having the widest variety of unique products and parts to keep essential projects up and running. Their quick turnaround time is also credited to the 1-hour ETA for on-site service and 24/7 assistance it offers to hydraulic and industrial based businesses, often enabling customers to be up-and-running again quickly, minimizing equipment downtime.

Courtesy of PIRTEK USA.

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