PIRTEK Reading Road Thrives with New Owners

Taking notice of the many potential customers in the area, and it’s growing industries, Todd & Wendy Cleveland recognized the importance of their local PIRTEK Service and Supply Center: PIRTEK Reading Road. It was evident that the services offered by the center would be necessary to support the direction that Cincinnati was moving in.

Over the last couple of years, Todd has been in contact with the previous owner of PIRTEK Reading Road and has been planning his eventual purchase of the business. Since taking over PIRTEK Reading Road, Todd & Wendy have spent the last couple of months getting acquainted with their employees and tailoring the business to fit their vision. Todd & Wendy’s outlook for the future is very optimistic. They have a plan to grow the business and increase revenue by 50% in the first year. They want to ultimately become one of the top 5% of PIRTEK Centers in the US.

Courtesy of PIRTEK.

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