PIRTEK Raleigh North Supports Development in NC

North Carolina’s capital city of Raleigh is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country. The entire surrounding region is dotted with a multitude of construction projects to accommodate the swelling population. Entrepreneurs Jon Clark and Tom Pallisco perceived the area’s need for a reliable hydraulic and industrial hose repair and replacement service and decided to open their new PIRTEK Raleigh North franchise.

PIRTEK Raleigh North is the fifth PIRTEK franchise operating in North Carolina and will use Mobile Service Vehicles to service customers under the company’s Tier 2 program. They will primarily serve the north and central area of the state from their base in Raleigh. In Jon’s words, “this rapidly growing area is primed for a global business like PIRTEK to come in and support the other businesses in the area.” He is referring to the large number of construction businesses, public works, rental equipment companies, and the like.

Tom and Jon each bring valuable experience to their partnership. Tom has a background in trucking and transportation spanning more than four decades. He also spent many years involved in the scrap metal business and has relied on hydraulic and industrial equipment throughout his career. Jon has a degree in Business Management and was a controller for a scrap metal business in Michigan for over 6 years. According to Jon, he feels comfortable in leadership positions and is confident that he will be successful in his new role as a business owner.

Jon and Tom have enjoyed their new role as business owners so far. They share that the PIRTEK USA management team has been of great benefit to them throughout the launch of their franchise, along with the blueprint that has worked for so many franchises before theirs. According to the pair, they have felt supported every step of the way.

Courtesy of PIRTEK.

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