PIRTEK Lehi to Provide Enhanced Service Coverage

Todd Miceli has announced that he has decided to open a third PIRTEK franchise location that will offer fast on-site hydraulic and industrial hose services to businesses. When Todd Miceli opened Utah’s very first PIRTEK franchise back in 2017 – PIRTEK Salt Lake City – he anticipated that both the business and residential populations nearby would continue to flourish. He was correct – with 80% of Utah’s population falling within a 60-mile radius of downtown SLC, the area has enjoyed steady economic growth. To meet the demands of many local building projects, Miceli added a second business – PIRTEK Clearfield – in early 2019. Now, as the Salt Lake City metropolitan area expands, with new construction projects every day, he has decided to open a third franchise; PIRTEK Lehi.

By rounding out his coverage area with the new center, Todd says he and his team of Mobile Service Technicians will be better able to serve his existing customers by providing the fastest hydraulic hose replacement and industrial hose repair services. Large construction companies that rely on his team to keep them operating, who call for help three to five times per day, have equipment and job sites scattered throughout the city. It is important to have PIRTEK Mobile Service Vehicles on standby, ready to quickly respond to calls in all regions of the city as well.

The new location opened on September 21st as a Tier 1 business under PIRTEK’s franchise structure. This requires a franchisee to have a full Service & Supply Center staffed with six team members and at least two Mobile Service Vehicles.

Todd plans to continue to grow within PIRTEK, and add even more franchises in the future to meet the needs of his ever-growing customer base. He says that he is considering opening franchises in other states as well. He sees these goals as entirely achievable with the support of PIRTEK USA management, and his team of what he describes as “dedicated, hardworking employees.” He says he has been fortunate to hire people who are all aligned with the common goal of creating a strong business.

Courtesy of PIRTEK.

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