Phillips Releases Tech Tips for Rubber Hose Guidance

Phillips Industries has released a new “Tech Tips” document that addresses the tiny pinpricks commonly seen in rubber air hoses.

The company says anyone who looks closely at a rubber air hose will notice tiny uniform holes, or pinpricks, along the length of the line. They may appear unintentional, but the company says these holes are deliberate.

The company writes, “Rubber is a permeable material, meaning that at a slow rate, steam, air and gaseous products can pass through the rubber barrier. Air pushed throughout a tractor/trailer’s pneumatic braking system under high amounts of pressure will begin to penetrate through the core of the rubber tubing accumulating in-between the layer of reinforcement and outer covering. Swelling and bubbling would become visible under the outer layer where these gases would begin to buildup, damaging or possibly bursting the hose.”

Pinpricking permits trapped gases between two layers to escape, extending the life of the air line and avoiding possible damage.

Image credit: Phillips Industries

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