Parker Introduces High Load Rodless Actuator Series

Parker Hannifin has introduced HLR (High Load Rodless) actuator series designed specifically for OEM applications. The HLR series offers several market-differentiating features, including high load and thrust force capabilities. In addition, connecting shafts (available in different lengths) and a wide choice of other accessories make it quick and easy to build up double or multiple axis gantry systems. Typical applications include materials handling and feed systems, packaging machines, and a host of other general purpose uses with inherent high loads.

HLR actuators are designed to offer extremely straight movement over the complete stroke, thus aiding the creation of reliable multi-axis solutions. They are timing belt-driven, linear-guided drive systems that deliver a very high load capacity of up to 3847 Newtons (N) (based on a theoretical lifetime of 8000 km) within a space-saving form factor. The series is therefore ideal for a wide range of automation applications, including those in restricted working environments. The actuators feature a square rail giving higher load capacity and greater lifetime versus comparable competitor actuators. The total cost of ownership is projected to reduce with the aid of two side lubrication ports that minimize and simplify maintenance. The actuators are RoHS compliant and incorporate stainless steel covers to give an IP40 protection rating that allows use in harsh environments. A rigid aluminum extrusion profile can be used for self-supporting solutions.

Importantly, HLR series actuators feature integrated magnetic blocks for initiators on both sides, offering the use of groove integrated standard P8S initiators. Additional attributes that enhance design flexibility include the ability to mount the motor on four sides and the use of a standard drive housing that supports gearbox mounting on any side – so there is no need to define the gearbox mounts and position in advance.

Two base versions are available – the HLR070 and HLR080. While the HLR070 offers a 2500 mm maximum travel length and 500 N maximum thrust force, the HLR080 provides a maximum travel length of 3500 mm supported by a maximum thrust force of 900 N. Compact external dimensions are 69 x 64 mm and 82 x 76.5 mm respectively. Performance parameters include a maximum speed of 5 m/s, maximum acceleration of 50 m/s2 and repeatability ±0.05 mm.

Parker Hannifin is also able to provide complete, pre-defined drive and control packages to match and integrate HLR actuators into a wide range of applications. By using the pre-defined drive packages (consisting of the actuator, motor, gearbox, and servo controller), a complete drive train can be quickly selected to suit a specific task.

Image Credit:Parker Hannifin 

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