Parker introduces connection couplings for its NSA series

Parker Hannifin is now offering quick connect couplings for its NSA series; notable for features including their low weight.

NSA couplings are available in nickel-plated brass or stainless steel. Couplings manufactured from anodised aluminium are used in applications such as thermal management – a technology that plays a role in cooling mainframe computers or in aggregates used in mining and in railway and commercial vehicles. These applications require even cooling to prevent equipment from overheating which can lead to malfunction or failure. In such applications, cooling with water or other liquids is more efficient than regulating temperatures via airflow, and is associated with significantly lower noise emissions, and requires much less installation space.

NSA couplings are used to connect cooling elements and lines in thermal management applications and installation requires no additional or special tools. Thanks to the low-pressure drop offered by NSA coupling systems, they save energy while also ensuring optimal equipment performance. Their greatly reduced size versus competing technologies allows them to be used in very small areas and restricted spaces, expanding design options for OEMs and installers.

The flat sealing valve design is a common feature across the complete NSA product series. This prevents cooling fluid from leaking during coupling and uncoupling before the start of maintenance work on the electronic components or batteries. In addition, quick coupling and uncoupling significantly reduce maintenance work. All NSA couplings are designed to provide long service life, they also exhibit resistance to vibration and rotational movements – an important requirement for applications in transportation and other sectors. A wide range of available sizes comprising 3, 6, 9, 12 and 19 mm couplings enables the selection for a specific cooling circuit application to be optimized.

Image Courtesy of Parker Hannifin

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