OPW Introduces 14 Series Nozzles

OPW, part of Dover and of the fluid-handling solutions industry, introduced the all-new 14 Series family of diesel- and gasoline-dispensing nozzles, engineered to deliver a cleaner fueling experience. The new OPW 14 Series family of nozzles features patented diesel-capture spout technology for diesel nozzles and, for conventional gasoline fueling nozzles, free-draining, true dripless-spout technology.

“Our new 14 Series nozzles are designed to help marketers use a clean site as a competitive advantage,” said Ed Kammerer, Director of Marketing and Global Product Strategy for OPW. “Our research has shown that customers will choose a clean station and, more specifically, a clean fueling nozzle over price. Who wants diesel fuel on their hands or gasoline on their shoes?”

The initial rollout of the 14 Series family is comprised of the following two nozzles:

OPW CARB-Certified 14E ECO Dripless Gasoline Nozzle: This 14E CARB (California Air Resource Board) ECO (Enhanced Conventional) self-service nozzle is cULus-listed and features patented free-draining dripless-spout technology. The 14E is designed with an interlock to meet CARB requirements for dripless nozzles. The 14E’s free-draining dripless spout ensures all fuel ends up in the vehicle and not on the ground or in the air.

OPW 14C Diesel Capture Technology Nozzle: The 14C is cULus-listed for use with diesel fuels. Special features include a patented Environmental Drip Guard and integral Diesel Capture Chamber. The diesel-capture chamber allows for a cleaner nozzle handle by retrieving any diesel fuel that is still in the spout after fueling has been completed.
“The 14 Series represents one of the most unique cleaner-fueling innovations introduced since the invention of the automatic shutoff nozzle,” added Kammerer.

OPW Retail Fueling makes aboveground and below ground fuel-handling products for both conventional, vapor-recovery and clean energy applications in the retail and commercial fuel markets.

Dover is a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenue of approximately $7 billion.

Image Courtesy of OPW Retail Fueling

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