O+P test bench for hose assemblies

Hydro+Power, a brand born of the synergy between O+P and Brescia Hydropower, has produced a new test bench capable to perform burst tests up to 58.015 psi.

The equipment, which has already been delivered to major manufacturers of hydraulic couplings, valves and hose assemblies for the automotive sector, has sensors monitoring the whole testing process in real time — both directly from the control touch panel or, once networked, remotely.

The bench is capable of performing three main tests: the outbreak of couplings up to a maximum pressure of 58015 psi, the testing of the final products and the calibration of valves up to 14.504 psi.  

Inside the test chamber, which is lined with marine wood to cushion any burst, there are two manifolds, one fixed and one movable, so as to adapt to the variable length of the components under testing. Users can follow the pressure trend by a diagram and keep all parameters under control in real time. In addition, remote connection makes it possible to perform real-time diagnostics and speed up any possible intervention.

Hydro+Power is able to offer a wide range of test benches that can be used in different industrial sectors for testing procedures and and product validation, making it a customized product designed for any specific need.

Image courtesy of O+P s.r.l.

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