NewAge® Tough Polyurethane for Air & Fluid Transfer

NewAge® Industries manufactures Superthane® unreinforced polyurethane tubing in two formulations: ester and ether. Both offer the traits polyurethane is known for, namely durability, natural flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics and good chemical resistance.

Polyurethane combines properties of both plastic and rubber. It blends abrasion and tear resistance, plus high tensile values, with nearly unlimited flexural abilities and low compression set. What sets polyurethane apart from other thermoplastics is its chemical resistance combined with its superior weatherability.

Features and advantages of NewAge’s polyurethane tubing products include extremely resistant to weathering, tearing, impact, radiation, and abrasion; transparent, flexible, resilient, tough; resistant to oils, greases, and fuels; wide range of temperature resistance: -85°F to 185°F (ester); free of DEHP, phthalates, BPA and conflict minerals; RoHS compliant; and can be heat sealed, coiled, fabricated, or bonded.

Image credit: NewAge Industries, Inc. / AdvantaPure

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