NewAge Industries Showcases Employee Ownership

NewAge Industries has the same challenge as many other companies today. “We need more people,” said Ken Baker, CEO.

The sixty-five-year-old company, which manufactures plastic and rubber tubing for numerous industries, has experienced significant growth over the past several years. Manufacturing and warehouse operations were expanded last year to keep up with customer demand, especially for its AdvantaPure Single-Use tubing and molded assemblies used in pharmaceutical and biopharm processing.

“The orders keep coming in, which is great. But we need to keep up with them to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and to remain competitive,” said Baker. So, he decided to try something different to attract new team members: make a video that offers insight into the kind of company NewAge Industries is and why job seekers would want to work there. A video production company was hired, and footage was shot at the company’s headquarters over several days.

Baker said, “NewAge is a different kind of company. We plan to be one-hundred-percent employee owned by the end of the year. We are solar powered and landfill free. We are big into recycling and that includes electronic waste, not just plastic and paper and cardboard. We even have an electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot.

“A lot of job seekers do not get what employee ownership means,” he said. “They may be somewhat familiar with other companies that have an ESOP [Employee Stock Ownership Plan]. But what does it mean in your day-to-day job? How does it benefit you? This video shows that.”

NewAge currently has open positions in Engineering, Sales, Manufacturing, Quality and IT.

Image Credit: NewAge Industries

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