NewAge Industries Expands with Additional Facilities

Earlier in 2020, NewAge Industries purchased two of three units in a building within several miles of its headquarters. NewAge recently purchased the remaining unit and now owns the entire seven-acre property, consisting of over 90,000 sq. ft. of future production, warehouse and office space.

Investing in the building will allow NewAge to increase manufacturing capacity for its AdvantaPure high purity line of products. The facility will house additional tubing extrusion equipment and mold presses in a design planned to maximize workflows and optimize efficiencies.

NewAge recently started Phase 1 of renovations and is preparing areas for clean room manufacturing and offices for production and quality department personnel. The company will use the facility as an additional site for the manufacture of AdvantaSil silicone tubing and braid reinforced hose, weldable and sealable AdvantaFlex thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing, and single-use molded tubing assemblies.

Demand for tubing, reinforced hose and molded assemblies has increased considerably in recent months, with many of the products being used in COVID-19 applications such as virus detection test kits, laboratory work on antibodies, ventilators and vaccine development. NewAge Industries-AdvantaPure has hired new team members to keep pace with growth and continues to fill open positions.

Renovations will continue through 2020 and into next year. NewAge Industries-AdvantaPure anticipates testing and validation of manufacturing equipment and environments to occur in 2021. The facility will be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Image credit: NewAge Industries

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