NewAge Industries adds reinforced hose

A new style of reinforced hoses was added to the BrewSavor product line by NewAge Industries Inc. The new hoses are designed to bear and resist kinking and crushing, maintaining shape for optimal flow in the brewery transfer application.

Joe Linquist, NewAge’s craft brew specialist said,” Brewery operations can be fast-paced, and hoses can get run over by forklifts or caught between machinery. This hose is built to return to and maintain its original shape.” He further added, “A hose that won’t remain crushed means a longer hose service life for the brewery and a better return on their process equipment investment.”

To help with unrestricted flow and purity, and to minimize bacterial entrapment and flavor contamination, the new hose features a chlorobutyl rubber liner. The hose is multi-layered and reinforced with a monofilament polymer helix for suction and discharge applications and is rated for full vacuum at 29 inches of mercury with a general temperature range between 40- and 240-degrees Fahrenheit. It meets the Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards, and its butyl compound conforms to 3-A Sanitary Standards for No.18-03. The hose is free of PVC, phthalates and animal-derived ingredients and handles clean-in-place processes.
The hose is available assembled and ready to ship in standard lengths of 10, 25 and 50 feet, with non-stock lengths, are available on request.

NewAge manufactures plastic and rubber tubing in reinforced and unreinforced styles.


Image Courtesy of NewAge Industries Inc.

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