New Velocity Petroleum Drop Hose from Continental

With the creation of the Velocity Petroleum Drop hose, Continental becomes one of the only manufacturers of petroleum transfer hoses to offer a complete lineup of thermoplastic and rubber hoses. The PVC lineup sets Continental apart as a one-stop shop for transfer hose customers. With the advantage of fuel visibility while unloading, the Velocity Petroleum Drop hose relies on ground-breaking technology to meet the demands of rubber hoses at a much lower cost.

The hose can be used with gasoline, gasoline with 10% ethanol, E85, 100% ethanol, diesel, B20 and B100 biodiesel, and kerosene, and is fully compatible with fuels that meet ASTM D5798, D4806 and D6751. Continental engineers ensured the hose was designed to handle biofuels in anticipation of the continued growth in their use.

The Velocity Petroleum Drop hose is designed to be paired with the Spiraflex Vapor Recovery hose to capture vapors – ensuring they aren’t released into the atmosphere. The unique offering positions Continental to capture a large share of the more than $1 million annual market.

The rigid PVC helix and polyester braiding along the corrugated exterior makes the hose easy to handle, especially across rough surfaces. The static dissipating wire underneath the helix keeps the hose grounded and eliminates the danger of static discharge while unloading.

While PVC hoses traditionally have less longevity than rubber hoses, the unique design of the Velocity Drop hose and high tube-to-cover adhesion guarantees the same level of reliable durability.

Courtesy of Continental.

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