New twin-spring flexible coupling

A US couplings manufacturer has announced a new type of flexible coupling which, it claims, needs no maintenance. Twin Spring Coupling’s TSC500 coupling is made from two counter-wound torsion springs and has no internal components or bearings, resulting in a maintenance-free design that can work at larger angles than traditional universal, Cardan, beam, bellows or other flexible couplings, at both low and high speeds.

Darren Finch, CEO of the New-York-based company, describes the new coupling as “a new direction in drivetrain technology. Our patented coupling has no internal components, needs minimal maintenance and can run in harsh environments like water, mud and dust,” he adds. “This saves on annual maintenance and constant replacement of existing coupling technology, adding up to big savings for both the OEM and the customer.”

The device was invented by a former Australian coal miner to tackle the problem of universal and CV (constant velocity) joints failing prematurely. The new coupling was the result of several years of R&D and trials in different sectors. Patents were granted in 2012.

The device has a torque rating of 500 ft-lb (678Nm). The use of two springs means that the coupling provides the same amount of thrust in either direction. Minimal backlash and high torsional stiffness allow the new device to replace existing technologies.

Image courtesy of Twin Spring Coupling

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