New Spirtex Hose Range from Manuli

Fluiconnecto, by Manuli, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new line of suction and return hoses: Spirtex and Spirtex/HT. Spirtex/K is one of the most popular and reliable hoses in Manuli’s portfolio. As part of their continuous improvement and development policy, two new hose lines have been developed.

Hoses which conform to SAE J517-100R4 (“R4 hoses”) are widely used in hydraulic systems for suction and return lines. These applications are typically low or negative pressure but will often have demands which are not factored into the baseline R4 specification.

The new range of Spirtex and Spirtex /HT hoses from Manuli Hydraulics offer the following improvements:

  • Cover compound offers a high standard of weather and ozone resistance to minimize premature aging and maximize service life
  • Textile reinforcement with a helical body wire to prevent collapse in vacuum applications
  • Minimum bend radius 33% better than the SAE J517-100R4 standard requirements, making it ideal for installation in restrictive spaces

The new Spirtex/HT range of hoses offer all the above but with higher working pressures and a significantly increased maximum operating temperature of 135°C (vs. 100°C required by the standard).

Both Spirtex and Spirtex /HT ranges have fully integrated, no-skive fitting solutions and are available in sizes from DN 19 to DN 102 (¾” to 4”). The maximum continuous length of hose available for both ranges is 60m as opposed to the 40m supplied previously.

Image credit: Manuli

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