New CAE simulates flexible pipes & hoses

Siemens has released the latest version of Simcenter 3D, its multi-disciplinary computer-aided engineering (CAE) software. It is a stand-alone CAE application for analysts and discipline experts and is built on the Siemens NXTM platform. It provides topology optimization solutions that work seamlessly with Convergent Modeling™ technology to provide comprehensive generative design workflows. These solutions allow for more accurate motion modeling, and more efficient acoustic and structural dynamics simulations.

It is suitable for industry workflows across a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive and subsea because it can model connections in large assemblies. Additionally, it can also provide accurate simulation of flexible pipes and hoses by leveraging the LMS Samcef solver. For the first time, output from a topology optimization process can be utilized directly in the design process, without the need to recreate geometry. Furthermore, engineers can now work directly with scanned data or an optimized shape to conduct more detailed simulations.

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