New Biopure Braided Hose Assemblies

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has launched BioPure Braided Hose assemblies as an end-to-end solution for companies requiring fitting, hose, assembly, and testing.

Providing a safe, reliable, and repeatable method of high-pressure fluid transfer, braided silicone hose assemblies combine BioPure platinum-cured silicone hose fitted with biopharmaceutical grade stainless steel tri-clamp connections.

Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies can reduce supply chain risk and ensure quality control with the WMFTS total offering of hose assemblies designed for bulk fluid transfer and repeat use by autoclave sterilization. With testing and assembly centres in the United States and the United Kingdom, the hose assemblies meet USP Class VI standards with 316 Stainless Fittings and an SF4 surface finish.

Mark Lovallo, Product Manager – Fluid Path – WMFTS, said: “Watson-Marlow is one of the only suppliers that produce biopharmaceutical grade silicone hose and machines stainless hygienic fittings in-house.   With decades of experience in silicone extrusion, CNC machining and hose assembly and testing, Watson-Marlow provides a unique opportunity for end-users to minimize supply chain risk and source silicone hose assemblies from a trusted supplier.”

The hose assemblies are made to custom lengths and come with a permanently crimped stainless steel tri-clamp style fitting. All hose assemblies are pressure tested to check and confirm hose integrity.

Courtesy of Watson-Marlow.

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