MHI-MS signs license deal for hose-handling cranes

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems (MHI-MS) has signed a licensing agreement with China’s Jiangsu Masada Heavy Industries for the production and sale of hose-handling cranes and slim deck cranes for container ships. The new deal will allow Jiangsu Masada to further expand its product portfolio, and will eventually help expand the market share for marine machinery developed using MHI technologies in China.

The agreement is expected to allow Jiangsu Masada to leverage MHI group technologies to produce and sell four different products, namely deck cranes, steering gears, deck machinery and hose-handling cranes. The three series of hose-handling cranes feature hoisting loads of 10t, 15t and 20t, which are mainly suitable for use on medium-range (MR) tankers and larger vessels.

MHI noted that its hose-handling cranes are designed to mount on oceangoing tankers carrying oil and other forms of liquid cargo. The cranes can also be used to control hoses when connected the land-based transfer hoses via the vessel’s tank.

(Photo: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)

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