MET Recruitment Choses Winster to Support Expansion

Winster, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hoses and accessories has signed a strategic deal with MET Recruitment, to help it meet growing customer demand as the economy emerges from the shackles of Covid-19. Winster serves hundreds of resellers across agriculture, automotive, construction, general engineering and marine, has restructured its business to remain operational throughout the pandemic, and is now putting in place the foundations for double-digit growth over the next twelve months.

To help it meet seasonal fluctuations in volumes from its nationwide client base, the firm has turned to the expertise and talent pool of the Dudley recruitment agency to supply temporary staff every month. All skilled and non-skilled workers are sourced, vetted and interviewed by MET Recruitment ahead of placing them, with full on-site introductions completed and a rapid turnaround agreement in place to find and supply candidates within a few hours of receiving a call.

“In the current uncertainty, we need flexibility in our staffing and this strategic relationship gives us exactly that,” explained Val Gardner, who became Managing Director in 2014.

“Our hoses and assemblies are playing a crucial role in helping construction and manufacturing companies remain operational throughout the pandemic and we had to make sure we were open despite volumes being extremely volatile. This meant looking at more temporary workers that we could bring in quickly when required and this is where the relationship with MET Recruitment has really started to pay off.”

The relationship with Winster first started three years ago and has developed from supplying staff on an ad hoc basis to a more strategic partnership where recruitment needs are mapped out in advance and then supplemented when necessary.

Courtesy of Winster.

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