Angelica Pajkovic

Angelica Pajkovic

Editor-in-Chief, Hose + Coupling World
Tel: +1 416 361 7030

Signature Angelica Pajkovic

Angelica Pajkovic, Editor in Chief, Hose + Coupling World

It has been my privilege to head Hose + Coupling World as Editor since 2018. My background in magazine publishing at KCI has introduced me to the several industrial sectors. I have relished the opportunity to help build up a community for the industrial hose industry on a global scale.

The magazine reaches a wide audience, with a wide range of technical expertise. On a day-to-day basis, our extensive online activities such as newsletters, daily updates, and a huge online technical article archive keep the members informed and in touch.

With such a wide range of hose focused material, I am confident that there is something for everyone in each issue of Hose + Coupling World.

I encourage you to send me your technical articles, case studies, and press releases and I look forward to continuing to meet new industry professionals. Please feel free to contact me at, should you have any questions or would like to be featured in Hose + Coupling World magazine.

Together, we can continue to connect the hose community and reap the benefits of being a progressively innovative industry.