Mayer Braidtech Merges with Former Parent Company

At the end of 2020, Mayer Braidtech GmbH merged with Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG. Braiding machine production and sales is now a separate division of the former parent company. With this move, the circular knitting machine manufacturer has formally completed the integration of Mayer Braidtech GmbH at the company’s Albstadt headquarters. It began in January 2019 when the production of braiding machines got under way in Albstadt. Mayer & Cie.’s sister company, Mayer Industries, had previously manufactured in Orangeburg, South Carolina, the braiding machines that make reinforcements for high-pressure hoses.

“By integrating Mayer Braidtech into Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG we have formally completed a process that for us has long been accomplished on a day-to-day work basis,” says Patrick Moser, Managing Director of Mayer Braidtech and future Head of Mayer & Cie.’s braiding division. The production of braiding machines in Albstadt has been under way at full capacity since the beginning of 2019; sales of the machines had long been based in Albstadt. “That,” says Patrick Moser, “is why the braiding machines are old friends, as it were, at our main factory.” It was gratifying, he added, that there had been, as hoped, synergy effects of circular knitting and braiding machine production. “We definitely benefit from one another, be it in manpower, logistics or simply in sharing news and views.”

Mayer & Cie. has implemented various further developments since the machines have been made in Albstadt. The most important is the improved drive system, which is operated and controlled via a servomotor. Each deck of a double- or triple-deck braiding machine is driven separately. Braiding machines are to continue to be further developed and optimized. The division has its own development department where several designers are working on improvements. The team has already applied for a patent for the revision of a module. “We have thereby laid a firm foundation for the further development of our machines to meet market requirements,” Patrick Moser says.

Courtesy of Mayer Braidtech GmbH.

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