Made-in-Germany for Luxe Group

Xiaobin Lu, CEO of Luxe Group, recently introduced his new team member Claus-Peter Rautmann. Lu said, “Rautmann has been working in the industrial coupling field for more than 40 years. So, he’s got profound professional knowledge and application experience about our products. He is our special expert and senior in the fields of TW and other hose couplings under DIN standard. Mr. Rautmann’s mission is to bring our products to perfection and to support our clients with his professional knowhow and expertise in order to strengthen our costumer’s trust in the Luxe group and to achieve strong and reliable partnerships.”

The Luxe group engages in their client’s success. With the exception of the purchase of the raw material, the company does everything in their factory in China: product design, molding, forging, casting, machining, surface treatment, seal and accessories, assembling and also inspection. Since all of this is done in their own facilities, the company is able to supply a stable quality in the long term. Lu continued, “Of course, our R&D team respects norms, understands applications and strives for innovation. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of TW and other hose couplings under DIN standard. We are proud of our quality.”

In order to support their clients better by reacting quicker to their specific needs, the Luxe Group is generating TW and other hose couplings under DIN standard “Made in Germany”. Everything is made in Germany: the raw material is purchased there, the couplings are designed there and the whole production process (from molding, forging, machining, surface treatment to inspection) takes place in Germany as well.

Lu finished, “You’re more than welcome to visit our German factory Sure Tec. The client’s success is our success.”

Courtesy of Luxe group.

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