LifeGuard Technologies Released New Liquid Hydrogen Safety Hose

US-based LifeGuard Technologies has released a new vacuum jacketed safety hose specifically designed for liquid hydrogen and helium transfer.

Equipped with insulation and LifeGuard’s patented and patent pending safety internal shutoff system, the new hose is hoped to provide the insulation value, quality and safety required to transport liquid hydrogen.

Utilising an engineering compression spring system with two non-return value within each fitting, the safety system is built into the new hose which will cause the internal valves to engage and the piping to remain intact while slow has stopped at both ends of the hose to prevent product loss in the event of an emergency separation.

Jointly developed with LifeGuard’s sister company GPSS India and Shell-N-Tube of India, the company believe the new hose will allow the hydrogen industry to ensure the energy carrier’s safe production, storage, transportation and use across sectors.

Courtesy of LifeGuard Technologies.

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