LETONE: Innovation Powers Development

Since its establishment in 2003, Luohe Letone Hydraulics Technology Co. Ltd. has been committed to its corporate mission: “Boost Global Smart Manufacture with Letone Hydraulics Products.” As it has evolved over the past 16 years, Letone has continued to uphold that mission and uses it as a guide to make decisions towards further developing itself. Letone persistently seeks quality and process improvement while simultaneously continuing to pay the upmost attention to quality, creativity and long-term sustainability of the company. To ensure that these endeavours come to fruition, Letone is actively planning and building up the Letone Fluid Intelligent Industrial Park. It is also continuously upgrading and iterating the facility, staff team, management and workshop with the latest information technology and automation.

Hose + Coupling World had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Zhao Honliang, Founder and Chairman of Luohe Letone Hydraulics Technology Co. Ltd., who explained the new Letone principle: “Leadership powered by innovation; talents cultivation prioritized; lean operation based; aiming high”, and revealed the development plan of the company regarding the international market.

To read more of the Hose + Coupling World August 2019 cover story, please visit https://hose-coupling-world.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/08/HCW_AUG_Pgs.8-11_Cover-Story_Letone.pdf.

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