Leak-free ROV tooling for deepwater operations

As the Brazilian oil and gas market emerges from a four-year crisis, with expanded oil block tenders including the high quality/high yield pre-salt plays desired by most major IOCs, new subsea solutions are required to increase operational efficiency while decreasing costs.
Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) operations are vital to deepwater development and deployment costs tend to be major headaches to service providers and operators alike. In some cases, partnerships between high-end local and international equipment manufacturers bring simple solutions to big problems. The partnership between J2 Subsea and Brazil´s Palm Engenharia is at the forefront, offering important ROV leak-free tooling solutions that promise to simplify deepwater maintenance and repair operations.

Palm Engenharia is a pioneer in high pressure equipment manufacturing in Brazil, providing a state-of-the-art industrial structure for manufacture, assembly, application engineering, maintenance and technical assistance. Its equipment is installed in the main industries in the country, and it also has a significant footprint in the local subsea market. Palm Engenharia represents and sells equipment from some of the best global brands in the high pressure industry. Palm Engenharia claims to be capable of developing any subsea equipment manufacturing project, having a track record that has attracted foreign companies specialized in high pressure equipment for oil and gas projects looking to enter the Brazilian oil and gas market.

When it comes to offshore rigs and subsea systems, operational safety and a maintenance-free products are indispensable features. One of Palm Engenharia’s partners, Walther Präzision, offer products such as quick couplings and coupling systems that combine the suitability of high pressure with the special chemical resistance required for the aggressive marine conditions found in deepwater production control, workover and interventional hydraulic circuits.

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