Kurt Hydraulics publishes 2017 Catalog!

Kurt Hydraulics recently published its new 180-page catalog featuring an expanded and full line of standard hose and couplings designed for a broad range of hydraulic applications.

This 2017 catalog edition is indexed to make selection fast and easy. The catalog contains hundreds of coupling styles ranging from braided hose couplings and spiral hose couplings to ultra high-pressure, non-skive couplings and Teflon couplings. The catalog also contains a full range of spiral, braided, thermoplastic and specialty hose in dozens of styles.

To handle the most common pressure ranges, Kurt’s new catalog highlights two hose styles and a single coupling style to simplify the design process and minimize inventory. For these common pressure ranges of 3,000 to 6,500 PSI, Kurt Tuff™ and E-Z Bend™ hydraulic hose along with W-Style couplings provide “the total hydraulic solution.”

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