Kop-Flex lightweight couplings for critical drivetrains

Kop-Flex, a division of Regal Beloit, has introduced a new High Performance Disc Coupling 2.0 with lighter weight, second-generation design aligned to the torque requirements of turbomachinery equipment. The new disc couplings are 15-30 percent lighter than previous generations and competitively designed. Engineering optimization of the disc pack, hardware and major components have achieved significant reductions in weight and stress concentrations in the assembly, while conforming to API 671 4th Ed. requirements.

In addition, the expanded range of 22 sizes is ideally matched for established English and metric shaft sizes to allow selection of the smallest, lightest coupling needed for an application’s torque requirement and service factor. Two reduced-moment styles are available: the standard RZS and the full featured RMS, which includes interlocking flanges for additional safety in the event of torque overload. The minimum nominal bore capacity for both RMS and RZS models is 1.6″ (~40mm) to 8.5″ (~ 210 mm), with maximum continuous torque ratings of 12,000 lb-in to 1,880,000 lb-in (1.36 – 212 kNm) for both designs. Maximum speeds for both models range from 7,900 rpm for the largest coupling to 34,300 rpm for the smallest.

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