JYM Manufacturing’s sandblasting hose

JYM Manufacturing Company has a variety of hoses with blast nozzles, quick coupling and nozzle holders that have important applications in industries. With their over one decade of experience in the global market, the company boasts of advanced assembly line to produce hoses and pipes to rapidly meet the demand of customers from different industries. The company has a mature technical team to manufacture products with strict quality control to ensure best and long lasting performance for customers from various sectors.

The company specializes in the Sandblasting hose, with a significant efficiency in all types of sandblasting works. With a huge range of blast nozzles, these hoses are suitable for a variety of applications. The nozzles of hoses are made of tungsten carbide, boron carbide, and ceramic materials that are long lasting and ensure the best performance. Some of the common types of nozzles that they supply include venturi nozzles, angled nozzles, curved nozzles, stick up nozzles, water jet nozzles, fan blast nozzles and others. These sandblasting hoses also come with various types of high quality quick couplings. These hose couplings are made from different materials, such as nylon, brass, carbon steel, aluminum and others and are suitable for different applications.

JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd can also supply industrial class Rubber Air Hose, suitable for mining, drilling and construction related applications. Made from nitrile rubber or polyurethane materials, these rubber hoses are available with a range of working pressures, ranging between 150 and 500 PSI. One can also find these rubber hoses available in a variety of sizes and in different colors. According to the spokesperson of the company, these hoses have a sturdy structure and can withstand different elements and factors of degradation. These hoses are suitable for the frequent use and have a large life expectancy for the industrial usage.

Image courtesy of JYM Manufacturing Co.

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