JYM Manufacturing now offering sandblast hoses

China based JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of different types of hoses that can be used for a variety of applications and are ideal for a long-lasting performance. The company’s multipurpose hoses in are suitable for various types of air, water and fluid applications. These hoses are made out of both rubber and PVC. Many of these hoses also feature a blend of hybrid thermoplastic rubbers and are highly durable. These hoses are also suitable for low pressure fluid transmission and can even be used for painting purposes. With a black synthetic inner tube and a reinforcement of high tensile cord, the hose can perform well in extreme temperatures as well. The hose also has an ozone resistant black cover that minimizes its aging effect. These hoses could be an economic solution for industries, such as petroleum, oilfield, mining, construction and others.

JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has also started supplying its new Sandblast hose, which has been designed for the transportation of abrasive materials. These hoses have their inner side made from natural rubber, which has a significant resistance against abrasion. The outer layer of the hose is made of the polymeric material, while there is also a reinforcement that plays the role of a double textile braid. These hoses are mainly used in jet engines and in blast cleaning of surfaces and have a very high life, because they only use high abrasion rubber in the inner layer. With a superior speed and quality of sandblasting, these hoses are capable of obtaining a 3-5 times better life expectancy than other types of sandblasting hoses generally available in the market.

Image courtesy of JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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