JYM Announces Availability of Rubber Oil Hose

JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd, manufacturer and supplier of Industrial hoses and Industrial air hoses, now offers Rubber oil hoses for industrial applications.

With their continuous advancement in rubber hose solutions, JYM Manufacturing Co. Ltd, has the capability of manufacturing and supplying rubber hoses for different industries. At the same time, they have several OEM partners and can supply custom-made rubber hose solutions that can exactly meet the requirement of a client.

The company now stocks the Rubber oil hose that can be used for the transportation of diesel, engine oil, gasoline, kerosene, lubrication oil, and other types of mineral oils. These are flexible, reinforced hoses with a significant tensile strength. At least one inner layer of the hose is of NBR synthetic rubber, while it has a high strength spiral metal reinforcement. The outer layer of the hose is made of NR or SBR synthetic rubber and can be in yellow, black, green and other colors.

These oil hose pipes are ideal for the petroleum industry, and JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd can supply braided rubber hoses for the industry at inexpensive prices. Made from high grade compounds, these rubber hoses are perfect for conveying materials at low temperature conditions and can be used for several years.

Image Credit: JYM Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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