JRE’s High-Performance Kompaflex Bellows

JRE manufactures hoses and fittings in a variety of options, such as rig hoses, composite hoses, utility rubber hoses, specialized rubber hoses, stainless steel hoses, FDA hoses, PTFE hoses and hydraulic hoses. While the coupling range is also as wide as it gets, consisting of Quick Release Couplings (QRC), Quick Camlock Couplings, Ground Joint Couplings, Chicago Couplings and Food Industry Couplings, and more.

Punit Mehta, Executive for JRE, has commented regarding the Kompaflex bellows, “Kompaflex is a Swiss brand with a reputation for near-zero defect products that last long and work well. It has been designing and delivering metallic and fabric expansion joints for critical applications since the year 1981. The Swiss brand has partnered with a number of global large equipment manufacturers and end users to develop innovative solutions. As an official representative, JRE is proud to bring Kompaflex’s expertise, ingenuity and quality focus to India.”

Clients can access these Kompaflex customized expansion joints, multiple expansion joints, etc. through JRE which offers them in a variety of materials such as stainless steels and carbon metals.

Image courtesy of JRE

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