Install Barbed Hose Fittings Fast with EZ-ON Hose Press

Koul Tools EZ-On push-lock hose presses easily install barbed fittings. Users can simply secure the barbed fitting into the vise, clamp the hose in the traveling carriage and turn the drive screw with a ratchet or impact gun. The hose is attached to the barb in seconds with no thermal energy. The EZ-ON Hose Press 409B is lightweight and requires no power source – making mobile hose repair easy. The press is built to last, with an aluminum body and stainless clamps and vice. The carriage rides on sealed bearings for bind-free operation. Users will no longer smash their fingers or have repetitive injuries. The patented drive screw system used with a small impact gun is ergonomically efficient.

Image credit: Koul Tools

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