IHC IQIP new S-4000 Hydrohammer piling system

IHC IQIP has launched its new S-4000 Hydrohammer pile-driving system. The Royal IHC business unit’s latest development in hydraulic impact hammers is the largest available on the market, and enables the installation of offshore foundations in even the toughest ground conditions with the largest type of monopile. It‘s also suitable for applications in the oil and gas industry.

As offshore wind farms are predicted to move further offshore into deeper waters, the demand for larger monopiles and, subsequently, larger hammers is also expected to increase. Built using proven technology, the Hydrohammer has a strike power of 4,000kJ.

The S-4000’s slim body design allows for easy handling. Oil supply has also been upgraded through the implementation of new 3-in. hydraulic hoses, which can also be stored on deck with the Hose Reel 12-80 series.

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