IBT’s Hose Shop Adds New Industrial Hose Machine

Innovating and adding new technology is one piece of IBT’s ongoing commitment to deliver great quality products. Now, IBT has introduced state of the art technology to revolutionize their hose capabilities: the industrial hose machine. This new technology uses a guillotine-style cut, and a wet saw giving an ultra-precise cut with no fraying or foreign material. The machine makes a clean cut every time. With the new industrial hose machine, IBT can cut industrial or hydraulic hose orders with extreme precision, faster than ever.

The new Industrial Hose machine can: cut industrial hose from 3/16” – 1” & Hydraulic hose up to ¾”; cut with extreme precision – with no fraying or foreign debris; precise guillotine cut for Industrial Hose and a wet saw for Hydraulic Hose; print directly on the hose for a fully custom order; print any combination of letters & numbers; and store preferences for repeat orders.

Courtesy of IBT Industrial Solutions.

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