HydroChemPSC Teaches Clients How To Know Their Hose

HydroChemPSC has partnered with Hufco to roll out new hydroblasting hoses. These new hoses are expected to replace all old hoses by the end of 2019, following a new Hose Policy set out by the company.

To make sure clients understand the difference between safe and unsafe hoses, HydroChemPSC will be rolling out “Know Your Hose” posters to hang at each facility.

Hoses are also colour-coded to show their strengths: Blue 20K, Green 15K, and Orange 40K.

Tips from HydroChemPSC:

Appearance – Check the APPEARANCE of the hose prior to use. Look for nicks, cuts, abrasions, defects, and ruptures.

Inspection – Has the hose been INSPECTED? Check the hose to make sure it is still within its life limit. All hoses have a life limit of four years.

Tagging – Any hose assembly where the labeling is not clearly visible should be removed from service and red tagged.

Image credit: HydroChemPSC

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