How to Contribute

Technical Articles

We are always looking for hose and coupling experts to write for us. Submit a single article, a series of articles on a special topic, or pitch us a column idea! 800-1200 words.

Interview Participation

If you are a hose and coupling end user, an EPC company or a retired consultant, we would be happy to spend 15-30 minutes asking about your experiences in the field, so we can write an article about you.

Case Studies

Did you recently help an end user with a hose or coupling-related problem? Explain your customer’s issue, how you diagnosed the problem and how the issue was fixed. 200-400 words.

Press Releases

These may appear in the News section of the printed magazine or the News section of the website. 250-300 words.

* All editorial questions and submissions should be directed towards the editor, Angelica Pajkovic, at: a.pajkovic@kci-world.com or +1-416-361-7030.

Cover Story

Want to feature your company on the cover of the next Hose + Coupling World magazine? Each issue features one company on the front Cover along with a 4-page Cover Story article to highlight the capabilities, achievements and potential of your particular company.

* If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of having your company on the cover please email Andre Davanzo at: a.davanzo@kci-world.com for more details.