Hose Master’s Metal Bellows & Expansion Joints

Hose Master, a manufacturer of metal bellows and metal expansion joints, has been making high-performance industrial products for nearly four decades, all of which are available in Canada through Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited. Hose Master offers pre-engineered and custom-designed joints by leveraging its technical expertise and innovation.

Technical expertise is a key to Hose Master’s business. Its proprietary equipment, designed and constructed in-house, enables creation of products that go beyond the standard, and skilled engineers can assist customers in custom-designing expansion joints for specific, demanding applications.

Quality assurance is another key ingredient, as Hose Master makes it a guiding principle to deliver high quality metal bellows and expansion joints. Designs meet the strict requirements of piping, boiler, and pressure codes, which apply to the fabrication and assembly of pressure piping. This certification means that Hose Master expansion joints get U, PP, and R stamps. Customer specifications can be verified through Finite Element Analysis or three-dimensional CAD modelling. Method options for expansion-joint tests include pneumatic, hydrostatic, high-pressure gas, liquid penetrant, plus helium mass spectrometry and radiography.

Another factor is product and failure analysis. To solve tough metal-expansion-joint applications permanently, manufacturers must identify root causes of past failure modes of out-of-service products accurately. Hose Master has an in-house product and failure analysis laboratory that identifies various failure modes, whether they result from fatigue, corrosion, deformation, or other causes.

Image credit: Hose Master

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