Hose and Coupling World Americas: Hose Safety Workshop

The Hose + Coupling World Americas Conference and Expo, taking place on October 16th and 17th, 2018 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, in partnership with NAHAD, is the first event of its kind. It will bring together manufacturers, distributors and end users to discuss the latest hose and coupling technology, materials and solutions within the industrial process industries. Professionals from all sides of the hose and coupling industry will come together to share experiences, insights and work together to resolve common challenges. The conference will be complemented by an exhibition, where exhibitors will be on-site to answer questions and showcase what their brands have to offer.

On Tuesday October 16th the Hose Safety Workshop will be held from 10:30am to 12:30am and moderated by Debbie Mitchell, NAHAD Standards Manager with the Hose Safety Institute (HSI). This dynamic and informative workshop will focus on the variety and complexities of industrial hose applications, and why getting the design, specification, and fabrication of the assembly is so critical to safety. Topics range from choosing the right component and materials to attachment methods, installation and handling.

The panel of presentations to be given during this workshop include:
Case Study: How disaster changed how we think about hose management (Jim Reilly, GHX Industrial; Rick Pitman, Hydro Chem PSC)

STAMPED: Clarifying application requirements: The importance of getting the hose assembly specification process right using the STAMPED tool (Debbie Mitchell, HSI)

Visual inspections and periodic testing: Key safety procedures for employees handling hoses will be reviewed (Brent Lilly, Parker Hannifin)

This workshop is not to be missed! Register to attend the conference today!

For more information about the conference or to view a full conference schedule please visit: www.hosecouplingworldexpoamericas.com

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