Heavy Duty Reinforced Vapor Recovery Hose: the VAPR™

The VAPR™ Heavy Duty Reinforced Vapor Recovery Hose from Kuriyama of America is constructed with a transparent polyurethane (TPU) tube with polyester fabric reinforcement, rigid PVC helix and embedded grounding wire. The hose reinforcement provides resistance against instances of hose tearing due to pulling or hanging.

The hose is well-suited for demanding terminal use. The use of “Cold-Flex” materials provides flexibility in sub-zero temperatures. The VAPR™ is biofuel compatible and is designed to handle gasoline, ethanol, diesel and biodiesel vapors. Is an ideal hose for vapor recovery during terminal loading and vapor recovery for fuel delivery.

View the Kuriyama Virtual Catalog: https://kuriyama.com/catalogs/Vaporflex/

Image credit: Kuriyama of America Inc.

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