Heavy-Duty Air Hose for Mining and Construction

The Continental division of ContiTech has introduced a new heavy-duty air hose for the construction and mining markets. The hose, Super Rock Drill 600 HT, is specifically designed for applications that require a high quality pressure hose in a high temperature environment.

The Super Rock Drill 600 HT includes a heat-resistant CPE tube, rated ARPM class B, which offers medium oil resistance at operating temperatures to 275°F (135°C). The black industry hose has spiral-plied wires to withstand high working pressure at high temperatures, and it will be supplied with an industry standard yellow EPDM cover to resist ozone.

“This is a hand-built hose that is applicable to customers and markets that operate in hazardous environments,” said Laszlo Dobo, product manager for Continental’s hoses. “The material in the heavy-duty air hose provides an ideal solution on construction sites, mines and quarries.”

The hose offers a 600-psi working pressure and complies with ARPM (Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers) guidelines on a 4:1 safety factory. The EPDM rubber provides good ozone resistance in outside applications.

Image credit: Continental

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