Gillard launches cutter for PTFE and rubber hose

Extrusion cutting manufacturer Gillard has launched a circular blade cutter designed to cut stainless steel wire-braided PTFE and rubber hose. The new Braid-Cut HD machine can handle hoses with an outer diameters up to 50 mm.

Wire-braided hoses are mostly used in the automotive and aeronautical industries for high-pressure hydraulic applications. The company stated that cut-end quality is very important. The hose end is terminated with a ferrule clamping cap, and any loose wire obstructing the ferrule can lead to a leaking problem.

The Braid-Cut cuts through wire-braided hoses cleanly due to a welding head, which fuses the wore ends together. Tungsten-cooper alloy electrode jaws clamp the hose and a high-speed circular blade cuts through. The company said that the system eliminates wire flare and loose ends, and that the ferrules or clamping caps can be easily pushed onto the cut ends without snagging.

The Braid‐Cut HD machine is equipped with a PLC to ensure total synchronization between the welding and cutting operations. Motorized pay-off systems are available to ensure efficient off-line cutting from coils. The company can also integrate ink-jet printers for marking the cut lengths of the hose.

Image Courtesy of Gillard

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