Fragola Releases Range of High-Performance Hoses

Fragola Performance Systems, a manufacturer of hose ends and adapters, has developed a new line of Race-Rite hoses. The Race-Rite hose is lighter, more flexible, and has a larger inside diameter than other offerings. It features a conductive PTFE smoothbore liner that makes it compatible with any fluid. It gives customers a hose with a larger inside diameter to flow more and it will not deteriorate over time.

The Race-Rite Pro Hose offers a stainless spiral wire, wound around the convoluted exterior of the PTFE tube. This increases the hoop strength, makes it more flexible, and allows for higher vacuum ratings at operating temperature.

Both the Race-Rite and Race-Rite Pro hose need to be used with Fragola’s crimp-on Race-Rite Hose Ends. These hose ends have a durable hard coat finish and a double swivel design that eliminates the need to worry about which direction the end is clocked before crimping.

Image credit: Fragola

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