Flexaust Hose Accessories Guide

Industrial hoses can be outfitted with different fittings and accessories to enhance their performance for a wide variety of industrial applications. At Flexaust, they specialize in finding the best industrial hose solutions in order to suit the unique needs of their customers. The guide, now posted to their website, was created to help customers learn more about the types of fittings and accessories offered and the materials used.

Along with the industrial hose and ducting products, Flexaust offers many hose fittings and accessories to increase the efficiency of a wide range of applications. The purpose of these hose fittings is to seal the host in order to prevent leaks and create a tight, secure connection. The company uses the STAMPED selection process to evaluate size, temperature, application, material, pressure, ends, and delivery to help our customers find the best hose and hose accessories for their applications. When it comes to evaluating ends, it is important to understand hose style, materials and dimensions, conductivity requirements, and more in order to select the best end fitting for your application needs. At Flexaust, they maintain a broad selection of clamps, adapters, Y connectors, and more in multiple different material types.

To read the full guide, visit the Flexaust website here.

Courtesy of Flexaust.

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