Finding the Right Blower Hose for Your Application

Flexaust carries a wide variety of blower hoses and ducting for nearly any application. Depending on your specific needs, the company offers a selection of hoses featuring different materials, lengths, diameters, features, and temperature ranges. The intended application for these hoses is a crucial factor to consider as each type offers its own advantages for use in different environments. Flexaust offers the following blower hoses:

FX Series Hoses: FX-400, FX-550. These are sewn ducts that are more resistant to extreme temperatures, made with materials that don’t break down when exposed to extreme heat and environments.

Spring Flex Hoses: SD-W, FSP-5. These blower ducts are heat-welded and ideal for moving large volumes of air in portable or permanent ventilation systems in more moderate temperatures.

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Courtesy of Flexaust.

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